Environmental Initiatives with Government , Private Agencies and  NGOs

                               City Development Council 



GENESYS as an active member of the council participates to meetings held once in every six (6) months or as need arises.With the nature of its program operation, it assists the city in setting the direction of environmental efforts within its territorial jurisdiction.Its approach to care for the environment is based on the principle of sustainable development that is maintaining a balance between human need and preserving natural resources and ecosystems, on which we and future generations depend.

Another contribution and participation of GENESYS being a member of the Council is assisting the local legislative body in the formulation of development plans for the city focusing on environmental protection and coordinate, monitor and evaluate its implementation. 

City Agriculture and Fishery Council 


In support to San Carlos City Government’s vision of an integrated agricultural and coastal resource management, GENESYS commits itself in supporting the implementation of programs of the City Agriculture and Fishery Council(CAFC) linked to the Department of Agriculture programs.

GENESYS’ membership with CAFC allows it to impart its knowledge and insights into addressing issues and sharing technologies that are raised from the agriculture and fisheries sectors geared towards conserving biodiversity and empowering communities.


ECOZONE  Development Committee 

The PEZA-approved San Carlos Economic Zone (ECOZONE) is a 405-hectare property located in Barangays Palampas and Punao which envisions to be a world class, environment-friendly industrial estate where there sits the renewable energy (RE) facilities like the Bio-Ethanol Co-Generation Plant, Solar and Biomass Power Plants

GENESYS as a member of the ECOZONE Development Committee provides technical inputs in establishing protective measures vis-à-vis environmental factors caused by climatic change.Such inputs may include mechanisms in minimizingfloods; improvement of drainage system, soil erosion control, landscaping that will improve water ingress, enhancement of the aesthetic of the zone and other leading environmental engineering practices that complement the GO GREEN stature of the city.


Protected Area Management Board (PAMB)


The Protected Area Management Board (PAMB) is a multi-sectoral body responsible for the administration and management of all protected areas in the Philippines including the North Negros Natural Park.GENESYS’ collaboration ultimately focused on a common interest with various civil society organizations and LGUs in the conservation of the park’s resources.It also ensures that the community or migrants in the park are empowered that through policy changes they too may be involved on the planning process on matters concerning ecology and eventually transform their role in their communities, giving them a voice as partners for the sustainable management of the park.

USAID – B+Wiser METT Planning and Orientation on

Environmental Law Enforcement for North 

Negros Natural Park (NNNP ) 

GENESYS Foundation participated in a three-day action planning workshop on Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool (METT) and Environmental Law Enforcement for North Negros Natural Park on October 27-29, 2014 in Bacolod City.The activity was organized by DENR-USAID's Biodiversity and Watersheds Improved for Stronger Economy and Ecosystem Resilience (B+WISER) Program




San Carlos City Organized Rescuers for

Community Assistance, Inc.

GENESYS supports this growing awareness of the importance of mangroves by collaborating with the San Carlos City Organized Rescuers for Community Assistance, Inc. (ORCA).One of the activities conducted is the mangrove tree planting at Barangay Guadalupe on May 10, 2015.Government and community-led efforts are under way in restoring or replanting mangroves as it provide enormous benefits to humanity, especially as essential harbors for biodiversity, as buffers against the destructive power of waves, and as nurseries for coastal and offshore fisheries.



Partnership for Integrity and

Jobs Project (I4J)

San Carlos City has been chosen as one of the three (3) pilot cities in the entire Philippines for Project I4J implementation as the city emerged on top of the League of Cities of the Philippines ‘evaluation on its integrity mechanism in the local government.

Project I4J which stands for Partnerships for Integrity and Jobs is co-funded by the European Union.It is focused on the pilot development integrity mechanisms and models of transparency in cooperation with civil society organizations and decision makers at LGUs.

GENESYS is one civil society organization that plays an important role in the advancement of universal values around human rights, the environment and anti-corruption. It takes part in the government’s development program in spearheading the community response for promoting integrity in environmental governance, in particular, to mobilize, empower and support communities to respond effectively to inculcating integrity in governance and society.


Citizen Satisfaction Index System Utilization


The Citizen Satisfaction Index System (CSIS) is a citizen-centric strategy that is capable of generating a balanced perspective from the citizens on the reach and quality of basic public services.In a sense, it is about the citizens' voice in the local decision making process to help promote transparency, accountability and participatory governances.

GENESYS’ participation in the conference held on December 9, 2015 at Nature’s Village, Talisay, Negros Occidental was to help assess the quality, responsiveness and inclusiveness of local government’s service delivery particularly in the area of environmental management and protection other than health, education, social welfare, agriculture, tourism, among others.