Environmental Technical Services and Research Programs 

Energy Crop Plantation  demo farm ,  Hacienda Providencia , Brgy Palampas ,

San Carlos City, Neg.Occ. 



Commercial Establishment  of ECP Farms 

 2006 – 2008 

Established 62 hectares of ECP in various barangays of the City, comprised of medium and large scale farmers using a blend of coppicing tree species matched to site specifications and adopting the short rotation coppicing silvicultural practice.


Rapid Assessment of Jatropha Curcas ( Tuba-tuba PLantation to Produce Raw Material for Biodiesel Consumption in Sugarcane Production  

2006 – 2007    



This study was conducted to determine the economic feasibility of the establishing tuba-tuba plantations by seasonal sugarcane workers in brushlands and forestal areas to support the production of biodiesel.  The study showed the concept was not feasible.

San Carlos Watershed  Management and Development Project 

2005 –2007         

The project is participated in by a  consortium of four (4) multi-sectoral organizations that will jointly manage and implement its components:  Genesys Foundation, JF Ledesma Foundation, Inc. (JFLFI), Multi-Sectoral Alliance for Development-Negros (MUAD), San Carlos Development Board (SCDB).  These organizations integrated their particular expertise to the project to ensure a holistic approach to sustainable development.  Organizational proficiencies were provided in the areas of capacity building and community organizing; nursery, planting and maintenance management, agroforestry training and livelihood assistance. 

Potential Energy Crops Plantation ( ECP) Farm Scoping and Establishment of Pilot ECP 

2004 - 2006


The project identified potential sites for ECP farms and from these ideal sites was selected based on prescribed criteria.  Ten sites at a hectare each were established together with interested land owners in barangays Bagonbon, Codcod, Nataban, Palampas and Quezon using a blend of suitable species matched to site specifications.

Field Trialing and Assessing the Viability of Energy Crops for Use in Biomass Renewable Projects in the Philippines 

2004 - 2006


The establishment of energy crop plantation (ECP) for 2006 is mainly for demonstration or pilot scale only. Ten farms (or farmers) were selected in the 5 barangays of San Carlos. These farmers are categorized as small to medium farmers. Small farmers are those with income less than P 60,000 per annum while the medium farmers are those employed and with income of more than P 60,000 per annum.


Orientations were conducted to familiarize the participants on the requirements of ECP. Technical trainings were also provided which includes lecture and field activities. The orientations serve as venue for open forum discussions with the farmers. On the other hand, the training focused on the application of the appropriate technology on short rotation coppicing.


The establishment of the pilot farm will provide showcase for other farmers to observe and  it also serve as testing ground to determine the applicability of the site assessment and selection procedure developed by the ECP team.

Established  two energy crop trial sites at Providencia and Fortuna (San Carlos) testing thirteen species, four planting densities and coppicing trials. 

 In 2005, secured the expertise of a SRC specialist (Forester Sandy Segaran, CESO Volunteer) who together with the staff, produced nine technical documents relating to the silvicultural practice of Short Rotation Coppicing

Information Dissemination and Education Campaign for Biomass Based Renewable Energy Solutions in Rural Areas, Philippines 



Promoted the awareness of renewable energy and biofuels by participating in three Energy Crops – IEC activities in the Visayas :

-  Energy Crop and Short Rotation Coppicing Forum and Exhibit conducted during the Provincial Agro fair held during the Maskara Festival Bacolod, October 2004

- Two biomass and renewable  forums conducted at Dumaguete and Iloilo (May 15 and 17, 2005 respectively) also in collaboration with Green Peace and WWF respectively


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1-  To find out the proper planting distance in every potentialfast growing seedling in various Negros soil parameters,   GENESYS  established its first trial site as demo farm for farmers to engage in Energy Crop Plantation  initiatives. Technical team from GENESYS  did the  trial plot design,   land preparation including  staking  of 1m x 1m , 1.5m x 1m and more planting distances suitable for  ten (10 ) potential fast growing and coppicing species . 2.  GENESYS provides seedlings and technical assistance while landowners provided labor for  planting as their counterpart. Proceeds of the farm will be theirs as long as they will supply it to the plant. 3.-Energy Crop Seedling nursery was also part of the research project, it was established to produce quality seedlinsg and the assurance that it will have high survival rate when planted out of the field. 3.- Maria Rosa Solis , GENESYS' Executive Director also assist in providing technical semianr on committed landowners. 4.- GENESYS  technical team utilized " caro "  in delivering seedlings esp to areas where very steep and requires long walk.



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