Community Development & Empowerment 

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applying ash as fertilizer after plantin

6000 Kw Peak Off- Grid Solar Project in Camaniangan Elem. School , Brgy Prosperidad, San Carlos City, Neg.Occ.  



Tapped the expertise of GENESYS in community development initiatives in  looking for recipient schools to qualify for  an off – grid solar project in  un-electrified remote public schools situated in upland barangays of  San Carlos City . It is under SACASOL’s  Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR )  project . The installation of 6000 kilowatt peak (kwp) off grid system enabled teachers to conduct classes effectively, and more importantly, integrate audio–visual teaching aids such as computers into the curriculum. GENESYS has also distributed 55 re-chargeable lamps to the families in need of the units during the inauguration of the off grid solar power project of SACASOL last September 25, 2014.  Now, the solar powered school stands out as a beacon of hope for the community as their children can now receive their education with the aid of modern technology.  It is envisioned that this program will likewise be replicated to other schools in the upland villages of San Carlos in collaboration with DEP-ED and the City Government of San Carlos.

Introduction to Aquaponics , A worshop


     The activity had GENESYS acting as the secretariat for the San Carlos leg of the caravan of Aquaponics experts to various locals in the Philippines.  The activity introduced the technology of aquaponics which merges hydrophonics , cultivation of plants in a water medium, and aquaculture, the cultivation of aquatic species.  Participants came from a cross section of the agricultural, local government and academe not only in San Carlos but also including Bacolod and Iloilo.  A lecture as well as a hands on demonstration of setting up a aquaponics system was experienced by the over 60 participants.

     Olomana Gardens is a permaculture farm dedicated to serving the local community as
Mr. Glenn Martinez discussing how the Aquaponic System 

     They have a diverse and colorful collection of animals, includ-ing horses, chickens, ducks, turkeys and goats and thousands upon thousands of composting worms which turn organic waste and manures into natural fertilizer.
     They produce aquaponic, certified organic vegetables and natural chicken and duck eggs are sold as available. They also sell composting and tiller worms, worm composting bins, worm compost and organic pallet gardens for delivery (the all-in-one pallet gardens are perfect for budding farmers with limited space or those who want only organic produce).
Mr. Glenn Martinez discussing how the Aquaponic System
Mr. Glenn Martinez together with his col-leagues from Olomana Gardens based in Hawaii visited San Carlos last February 2011 and conducted a workshop to introduce the Aquaponic System. Various representatives from organizations, business entities, some school heads, teachers and other individuals from this city and also from neighboring mu-nicipalities were invited to attend . GENESYS Foundation was assigned as Secretariat for this event.

Propagation of Vetiver Grass: A green Solution to Soil Erosion 


To establish hedgerows of vetiver grasses on slopes to prevent soil from eroding wherein huge buildings / infrastructures were built inside the Ethanol Plant Site. Covering 1,415 linear meters in length with an average slope of  2.4 to 3.4  meters  identified as the Administrative Building, Fire Rescue Building, Milling Facility beside Core Sampler Area, Laboratory and Cooling Tower, Warehouse and  Bagasse Area, totalling of 39,238 vetiver triple tillers at 10 cm. planting distance needed for the project.

Lunhaw nga Agianan ( Green Path ) Eco-Diary Pilot Development Project for Grade IV School Children in Refugio Island , San Carlos City, Neg. Occ. 



The project benefited 46 grade 4 students from the two island grade schools. Through the listed activities the students imbibed learnings and values for the conservation of forest and marine resources.

  •  Training workshop on forest and marine ecology

  •  Eco-diary accomplishment to integrate learnings and contest

  •  Puppet show presentation on forest and reef conservation presented by the  NFEFI (Negros Forest and Ecological Foundation, Inc.)  youth volunteers

  •  Ecological Solid Waste Management Roadshow

  • Cross-visit to NFEFI (Negros Forest and Ecological Foundation Inc.) Zoo, Bacolod City and the Negros  Museum

  • Visit to the Museo Pambata Philippine Rainforest Traveling Exhibit at San Carlos City


1. Inauguration of the  ( first CSR project of Thomas Lloyd under Bronazeoak Phils , mother company of San Carlos Solar Energy company)  Off-grid solar power project in Camaniangan Elem School, Brgy. Prosperidad , San Carlos City,Neg.Occ. 2. Mr. Don Dia of Bronzeoak Phils, delivered his " Welcome Address" in front of elementary pupils, teachers, parents, public officials and DepEd heads including Regional heads.  3. Parents received chargeable lamps to give solution  to improve the study habits of their kids. At night, mothers were also encouraged to maximize their time in engaging activities that would developed skills in any entrepreneurial activities and somehow increase their source of income. 4. Aquaponics (refers to any system that combines conventional aquaculture (raising aquatic animals such as snails, fish, crayfish or prawns in tanks) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water) in a symbiotic environment ) was introduced by Mr. Glen Martinez of Olomana Gardens of Hawaii. The environmentally sound initiative of raising organic food was  facilitated by Mr. Danny Urquico of Consuelo Foundation, Manila. 5.- Grade IV pupils of San Juan Elementary School in Sipaway Island, San Carlos City were selected as the beneficiaries for the 1 week long session on caring for the environment like their  and was incorporated in their academic subjects to their way of living.