Community Awareness &  Support of Renewable Energy  

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Community Development initiatives conducted to support in the promotion of renewable energy projects in San Carlos City and the whole Negros Archipelago in leading to be a green city. 2


 A series of Barangay session  meetings and public consultations activities  attended and conducted for South Negros BioPower Inc and San Carlos Solar Energy Inc.


Biomass Assessment and Supply Chain Plan Development for Prospective biomass Power Plants 


This project has three objectives which are: to determine volume and location of existing biomass (trees, grass, agricultural residues) within the economic distance of operation;  to serve as one of the bases in determining size of energy crop plantation to develop;  to develop strategic and operation plans on fuel supply chain and logistics.  Results from activities of this project shall form the basis for the management of the fuel of the proposed biomass power plant to be located other strategic areas in the Philippines.

Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Campaign Towards the Establishment of Commercial Woody and Grassy Energy Crop Plantations 

The previous year’s initiatives into IEC were focused on educating and advocating to the general public, government officials and farmers the trend towards the use of renewable energy, the applicability of harnessing sugarcane trash as a biomass fuel and the sustainable cultivation and utilization of biomass resources.

With this initiative economic and as well as environ-mental advantages are advocated. These benefits shall be had from the better utilization of the surrounding uplands of San Carlos and neighboring municipalities. Marginal lands developed into energy crop plantations shall be made productive either with the establishment of woody (short rotation coppicing species) or grassy (Giant Tabunak) garnering income for the landowner where there was none before.

1 & 2 .- Youth is the key to successful and brighter future so  educate the youth to be powerful. A major public consultation was conducted for the farmers to understand the importance of planting trees and the additional income that goes with it,  agreeing to shift to  renewable energy by  utilizing tress and grasses as a source  of energy. Kids presence were highly required and appreciated during the big event. To monitor the growth of the established ECP  farm,  . Mr. Arnold Esquereda, one of the technical staff conducted the Diameter Breast Height ( DBH ) sampling, to include observation of  seedling mortalities if there  are and the presence of  weeding activity which is one of the most important maintenance activity that would greatly affect the growth of the ECP seedlings 3.- In reaching     farmers from far-flung areas and to better  service them in terms of promoting to have additional income ,another technical staff  was in charge in visiting and  gathering farmers for a small meetings  we called it " pulong-pulong " in our local dialect. while in pulong-pulong,, The team  collate not only baseline data but also  the sentiments of farmers and other stakeholders.