Environmental Technical Services and Research Programs 

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Energy Crop Plantation Technical and Nursery Activities  

November 2017 

  • Field Trialing and Assessing the Viability of Energy Crops for Use in Biomass Renewable Energy Projects in the Philippines” funded by the European Union  commenced in 2004 and aimed to assess the viability of establishing new sources of energy crop production on the island of Negros, Philippines for steam and power production.


  • ECP harvest at Providencia. After 14 years of growth, the site was totally cut back and information was archived for yield analysis over time such as yield determination of six Eucalyptus species, composite analysis and bulk density for five tree species (Bagalunga, Kupang, Robles, Fire Tree and Acacia).  Yield is dependent on many factors, including the site, water availability, planting density, light and temperature . 


  • Updating of knowledge and skills of nursery technical staff in areas of nursery management practices and techniques in propagation is very essential for the project as well as the conduct of workshop for identifying the best practices and lessons learned on nursery for 2016 and 2017 batch seedlings propagation.

Biomass Fuel Characterization


Sugarcane has significant importance for its uses: sugar as food commodity and its trash for electricity generation. The sugarcane crop has drawn global interest as a raw material for the production of energy, as it has high positive energy and greenhouse gas balances.  However, baled tops and dry leaves in samples from sugarcane varieties still need to be studied further. The past year, GENESYS contributed technically in all stages of the research for sugarcane trash in windrows with San Carlos Biopower, Inc. Specifically, the study was designed to derive the moisture content of a windrow and make a general assessment of the biomass’ quality if it can be  used as boiler fuel. It was concluded in the study that the conserved integrity of the biomass                during storage plays an important factor.


The Nursery Establishment & Seedlings For Sustainability

GENESYS’ participation covers from planning and preparation stage, implementation to the commissioning phase that took off in January until December of this year.Seed sourcing, collection and selection for rootstocks production are part of the preparation stage from January to April which GENESYS considered as crucial activities in achieving healthy seedlings.The nursery operation started in May with two plant species, Eucalyptus camaldulensis and Leucaena leucocephala ; both have been considered for biomass production and are known to provide shade and can withstand drought, stabilize river banks and control erosion.A total of 225,000 seedlings were produced for the first 92 hectares located at Hacienda Socorro.


The nursery is seen to be a long term project of the foundation vis-à-vis the management and operation.It is hope that through this nursery project more available lands can be converted to forest and reforested areas.GENESYS is committed to continue its participation on the various committees, councils and entities that have environment and its care as their advocacy.



1- First batch of energy crop seedlings production  from  semi-mechanized nursery  equipment  intended for 100 hectare of land dedicated as  biomass trees . 2 - Sampling on DBH ( Diameter at Breast Height ) to get a rough estimation of the  volume of  Providence , Brgy Palampas  ( San Carlos City , Negros Occidental )  trial plots . It was established in  2005 . 3. - Not only tree farmers were given attention to land income potential .  Sugarcane farmers were tap to access their waste canetrash ( after harvest ) for  research on  volume and moisture content  per hectare basis. trough collection via forage wagon, stocking and life span of canetrash under expose to sun and rain.