Community Development & Empowerment 

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SAN CARLOS ECOZONE:  The Drainage Plan 



Historically, San Carlos City has long been vulnerable to flooding where flood water courses through the vicinity of the Ecozone affecting the neighboring downstream barangays (Barangay Punao, Palampas and I). Flood waters flow out from the Tongo, Vasconia and Socorro watersheds, as well as from the large Talave River that drains an even larger watershed. Indeed, flooding poses an additional challenge for the City now and, more so, in the future. 

Identifying initiatives that will prevent and minimize floods at the affected areas are considered. SJRI commissioned hydrology experts: GHD (Guttering, Hawkins, Davey) for a hydraulic analysis of the Socorro Canal and Talave River and Hydronet Consultants Inc. to conduct a hydraulic analysis of the entire San Carlos Ecozone. In so doing, GENESYS facilitates the collation of data and various reports as inputs into the study that will provide an  overall  strategy  and  guiding  framework  to

protect lives and property, maintain a thriving economy, and improve quality of life by making the City more resilient to recurrent flooding and even sea level rise.


GENESYS is particularly more sensitive to the effects of climate change and believes that flood risk can be alleviated by improving the design and maintenance of the city’s drainage assets, coastal defences and the delivery of new infrastructure projects, others by increasing public awareness of the risks and working with communities.


ESCUELA SOCIO DEPORTIVA SIPA  @ SAN CARLOS:  Education, Integration and Inclusion in a Sport for Everyone


Footbal is an integral part of global society and, as arguably the world’s most popular sport, it has an invaluable role to play in driving social development and bringing its influence to the sports arena. Locally, San Carlos City is known undeniably to be the cradle of Philippine Football. With this premise, Fundacion Santiago established its presence in San Carlos City with the help of GENESYS, which paved the way to collaborative partnership of its agenda with the City Government of San Carlos.

Fundación Santiago is a private, not-for-profit organization established in 1993 and has an exclusive mandate with Fundación Real Madrid to conduct Escuela Socio Deportiva SIPA @ San Carlos as a development intervention instilling the values of sport in a manner that is rooted in the practice of football and promote social inclusion as well as appreciation for the local heritage and traditions of the local community.

The Fundación Real Madrid on the other hand is an instrument by which Real Madrid that has established itself as a major force in both Spanish and European football during the 1950s, is present in society and develops its social and cultural awareness programmes. GENESYS’ approach to social responsibility is carefully structured and designed to both create and retain long-term benefits for society,           in  this  case,  through football which  paved  the partnership and collaboration between the City Government of San Carlos and Fundacion Santiago.   Hence,  “SIPA:  A Football  Clinic to Inspire” kicked off in summer with a Trainors Training conducted by Fundacion Real Madrid. By means of four (4) socio-sporting football schools, almost 200 boys and girls in San Carlos are educated in weekly training sessions with the “They play, we educate” programme in response to Fundación Real Madrid's socio-sporting football schools’ standards for education, integration and inclusion in a Sport for Everyone.


GENESYS Foundation, the City Government of San Carlos and Fundacion Santiago shared a common belief that partnerships between and among public sectors, business and civil society constitute empowering, efficient and effective ways to build better, more progressive and more equitable communities.

Off-Grid Solar Solution to un-electrified upland schools, Barangay Day Care Units and Disaster Risk and Management of Brgy Punao, as host barangay of San Carlos Solar Inc. ( SaCaSol )   


"100 Thousand Solar Lanterns Project" of Panasonic Corporation launched in 2015 as one of its   corporate citizenship activities had brought positive impacts to education, health, income                 generation and safety of the recipient upland communities in San Carlos living off-grid. GENESYS         while positioning for the green-age challenge through solar development solution in partnership          with San Carlos Solar Energy was enlisted as one of Panasonic Corporation’s recipient.

Project Background

There are estimated 1.1 billion people who live without electricity in emerging and developing countries. Panasonic's project got started with the aim to help solve social issues stemming from a

lack of light in the fields of medicine, education and economy, among others. Panasonic has strived towards the goal of donating a total of 100,000 units of solar lanterns by 2018, its centenary year.

Panasonic's lanterns, which were brought to communities in cooperation with non-profit, non-governmental and other international organizations, helped alleviate problems and brought about improvements in such areas as education, health and medicine, and women's independence. The solar lanterns have also contributed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations to mobilize global efforts to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity.

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1- 100 kids ages 9 to 12, residing in San Carlos City (SCC) were beneficiaries of the SIPA ( Sipag at Pag-asa ) project of Fundacion Santiago in collaboration with SCC-LGU and GENESYS Foundation Inc, Kids were motivated to bring out the best  in them by offering opportunities of growth , recognized their skills in sports and instilled good  values  and a space for  social interaction with local  kids from different walks of life. 2. - Coah Leigh Manson -Head Coach of Global Football Club and Philippine Azkals U22 shared his basic football tricks with the beneficiaries.   3 -. Another batch of  opportune  kids  were trained by Spanish Coaches  under Real Madrid Youth Football  Clinic ( Summer,  2015), an extra-ordinary opportunity   for San Carlos fotboleros . 4.- Distribution  of Solar Lamps to public school teachers assigned in remote upland un-electrified schools in San Carlos City.5.- Stay-in public school teachers utilized their solar lamps in writing their lesson plans and formulate questions for quizzes , others for cooking their dinner an washing dishes./ 6.- Ms Janice Marinas, Community Development Officer of  GENESYS  gave instruction  on how to fill up the PANASONIC Questionnaire  to Brgy Puano officials who received solar lamps  on  Disaster and Risk Management activities .