About Us

Our Mission

Initiate, develop and implement viable environmental programs with the participation of urban, coastal and upland communities in San Carlos and neighboring ecosystems.

GENESYS endeavors to ensure an ecologically balanced and sustainable environment for San Carlos and her neigh-bors. With the help of our donors and board we participate with our partners to resolutely and methodically address the social, environmental as well as technical issues for sound re-newable energy supply through the use of indigenous biomass resources. 

As an environmental organization, we know our success lies in the honest engagement with our communities to merge sustainable utilization and economic benefits for a lasting way to improve the lives of our City’s as well as Island’s inhabitants. 

Our Vision

​GENESYS Foundation shall be a nationally recognized interme-diary organization envisioning an ecologically balanced and sustaina-ble environment in San Carlos City and beyond where present and future generations enjoy an enhanced quality of life through the re-habilitation, preservation and responsible management and devel-opment of its natural ecosystems.